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Sex Story

"Martha, I have a problem."

That is how it started for me. I had been married for just over one year. During that time my wonderful husband, Matt, kept asking for me to suck his dick. Having never done for anyone before I was nervous. I wanted to but I did not want him to be disappointed.

I went online to research how to give a blowjob. I found many videos. I mean numerous examples. All were rather, gross. I watched girls as spit dripped from their chins and cum splashed across their faces. How was this at all pleasurable?

I read a few articles describing how to take a hard prick into your mouth. Apparently it is not as simply as licking an ice cream cone or sucking a lollipop. I had hoped just a few licks and I would get to the creamy center. This is when I read about the taste of the white stuff. I was not encouraged.

It seemed sperm is an 'acquired taste'. It also seemed ejaculate does not have a great consistency. Though some women claimed to simply love it. I was not entirely sure those web sites were written by an actual female. I kept trying to find a way to give my love what he begged for so earnestly. I really wanted to make him happy.

Finally I worked up enough courage to broach the subject with my friend Martha. Lunch included a bottle of wine, which certainly helped me on my way to knowledge.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, Matt wants something from me and I'm not sure how to... do it."

I looked into her eyes. Martha's compassion made me feel safe and secure I had chosen the right person to share my problem. She sat across the table waiting for me to continue. I tried to find the words to express my concerns I noticed her wavy blonde hair, how it draped about her shoulders. Her blue eyes looking back at me worry apparent in her gaze.

I looked down, avoiding eye contact, and noticed how her nipples showed through the silk blouse. I was not cold...

While pondering this I heard Martha's soft voice ask, "What does he want you to do sweetie?"


I was stymied. How could explain that my husband wanted to suck his cock and swallow his cum?

"Sherry, what does he want you to do?"

"I don't know. He just keeps asking me for something. I have never done it and, well..."

Martha waited, letting me collect myself before saying more, "He wants, he wants"

I finally looked up and saw her smiling face.

"Sherry, just tell me. Remember, I'm married and know how men are after all. Just tell me."

Again she waited for me.

"For cryin' out loud tell me already! Does he want a threesome or something?"

"What? NO! He wants me to take him in my mouth."

There! I finally said it.

Martha hardly blinked. She did raise her glass taking a long swallow of wine. After what seemed like eternity she said softly, "Well, um, is that a problem?"

I was shocked and relieved. Obviously Martha knew about doing that and she did not seem surprised Matt wanted it.

I felt my cheeks warm as I blushed, "The problem is I have never done that."

Martha's surprise was evident, "You have NEVER done it?!?"

Her surprise at my lack of experience surprised me! I was not the kind of girl who just put out for every guy. I had only been with two men. My husband and the jerk in high school who almost got me pregnant.

"No, I've never done that. Have you?"

"Of course I have!"

That is what I wanted to hear, "Can you give me some advice then?"

She smiled at me, "Sherry, you do not need any advice. If he has not had a blowjob in over a year all you need do is take the tip in your mouth and suck hard. I guarantee you will have a mouth full soon enough."

"Look, I do not want to be embarrassed. What is it like?"

Martha looked at me like I was stupid or something, "Trust me, you can not screw this up. The moment you open you mouth he will probably spurt. Just remember to keep your eyes closed."


"Trust me, you do not want that stuff splattering in your eyes."

"Is it bad?"

"No, no, no, but every guy is different. I kinda like it actually. Bill tastes good."

Taste was not something I had considered, "What does it taste like?"

Again with the smile, her face was serene, "It is warm and salty. I little bitter and creamy. Well, maybe slimy is a better description. Anyway, Bill loves to see it in my mouth before I swallow."

That shocked me, "He wants to see it?"

"Oh yea. Seeing my tongue covered in his cream always makes him happy. How do you think I got the pearl drop diamond necklace?"

She laughed and I joined her.

She gave me a me a few other pointers. Like sucking on ice or candy just before or even during a blowjob. Also, when he is about to cum take him all the way. This way it spurts down your throat. Humming and other sounds are always good.

Lunch ended and I knew Matt was going to get his wish tonight.

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