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My feet were killing me as I tried to stretch out in the front seat of our car. I turned the heat up in the car, trying to get comfy as I watched the snow trickle down on the hood of our car. We had just left Maryland and had a few hours of driving ahead of us before we reached our friend's cabin in the Pocono's. I work as a secretary for a large law firm, and got in extra early today so we'd be able to hit the road and make it to the cabin before it got too late. The secretaries are required to dress rather formal at all times (skirt suits and heels) and today was no exception. I spent most of the day in the old file rooms collecting and sorting material for my bosses, running up and down the stepladders. Needless to say, running a marathon in pumps takes its toll on a gal's feet, so I tossed them in the back of the car and begged Rob to rub them as he drove.

"C'mon honey, I'm trying to drive," Rob argued.

"Please baby... they're killing me," I defended.

I could see my appeals for compassion were getting me nowhere. Being married for only 2 years, I was a quick learner and realized it was time for a change in strategy. Ladies, you know what I mean.

"Darling, I brought something special with me for the weekend," reaching towards the back seat and my smaller bag, pulling out a new swimsuit. "I thought it would be nice for us to spend some time alone in the hot tub after everyone's gone to bed. Would you like that sugar?

Without hesitation, he gestured for me to shift and place my leg toward his lap. I hiked up my skirt and turned with my back against the car door, placing both my feet in his lap. His hands were warm as they gripped and massaged my heels and arches through the thin sheer of the black pantyhose separating our skin. It wasn't long before my eyes shut and the hum of the car and the warm feel of my husband's hands put me to sleep.

I must have dozed for about an hour, waking to still feel his warm hand against me. But now it was higher. Not that I mind being woken by my lover, in fact I love when he becomes aggressive. I'm not sure if it was the view he had of my legs as my skirt shifted as I slept, the swimsuit I showed him, or the thought of making love in the hot tub later when we were alone, but I could tell he was aroused. His fingertips reached above my knees towards the inside of my thighs (he knows I'm ticklish there - ticklish in a good way).

"What are you doing, baby?" I said as a coy little schoolgirl.

"I'm not sure I can wait until tonight," he responded. "What if we..."

"Shhhh" I comforted him. "Let's make it special tonight dear. I promise you will enjoy yourself...I will do everything to please you, my love.

With that, I leaned down a bit further in the seat, extended my nylon-clad toes towards his pants. I could feel and see his growing heat and gently played with his cock and thighs gently held back within his slacks. For some couples, it may be a gentle massage or running your nail's across his back to tame the savage beast inside your male, but for us, the gentle playing of our feet and running them along our thighs was our way of saying ‘I love you.' I knew this would tame the savage beats in him for the drive, but I also knew he would be counting the moments till he was inside me later that night.

Robert and I were heading to a small vacation home our friend Stan's parents have owned for some time. Stan and Rob are old frat brothers and this was a get-together for about 5 or 6 of them. I've known most of the guys for several years while Rob and I dated through college. Most of them were either in our bridal party two years ago but all of them attended. It's been a couple of years since they all graduated and a few of them have also gotten married. From what Rob said, there would be three couples and two or three single guys. Of course, Stan's folk's place was only a 2-bedroom cabin, but it had a large sleeping loft as well. We were hoping to get there early enough to enjoy the privacy of the other bedroom (it was safe to assume Stan and his fiancé would stake claim to the master bedroom).

It was just before 7 in the evening when we pulled up to the cabin where, to our dismay, we were greeted by a sea of cars. Apparently we weren't the only one's who planned on arriving early for the bedroom. We were both a bit disappointed as we brought our bags and sleeping bag in, but I whispered to my darling that ‘everything would be just fine.'

"We can still enjoy ourselves in the hot tub once everyone has gone to sleep," I said as I pulled out the swimsuit again to tease him. As luck would have it, there was still plenty of room in the loft for us to stretch out. One of the couples staked claim on the downstairs couch and one guy (way too outdoorsy for me) brought his sub-zero sleeping bag and decided to sleep on the porch in the cold. Looked like we were only sharing the loft with another couple, Don and Heather, and my husband's college best friend Matt. Heather put their stuff out in the far corner of the loft, so we situated ourselves in the middle in between them and Matt.

Once everything was in from the car, we tossed off our winter coats, poured ourselves some drinks and warmed up by the large fireplace with the rest of the party. It appeared that many of them had been there for some time, and the effect of the drinks had already taken their toll. Brian was already sleeping and his wife was barely keeping awake. By 11, when we has enough liquor to muster up the courage to run out in the snow to the hot tub, many people had already called it a night.

As I ran up to the loft, I saw both Heather snuggling up to Don whose snoring meant he wouldn't be moving for hours, if not days (he could sleep though a train wreck). I dug through my bag to get my swimsuit, my big fleece robe and a scrunchy for my hair (nothing's worse than frozen hair in a hot tub). I emerged from the bathroom in my robe and slippers, met up with Rob who had already changed into his shorts and t-shirt. We grabbed another drink and got ready to run through the snow.

We ran out to the tub, meeting up with Stan and Rebecca as well as Matt, who were already laughing away in the water. Rob hopped in and gestured for me to drop the robe and show him what he had been imagining the past several hours. The light was dim and the drinks were kicking in, so I wasn't too bashful about showing my body in the swimsuit. Plus, I had known these guys for many years and thought of them more like older brothers than anything else.

It was a one-piece halter-top suit with an animal print in front and jet black in the back. It was lace-up in the front, allowing the insides of my breasts to show through. It was fairly low in the back with a small lace-up back there too. I was concerned about looking too pale in the outfit, so luckily a quick visit to the tanning salon gave me a little color where I needed it.

I hopped into the tub alongside Rob and asked him to reach my drink for me. It was a large tub that could fit 10+ people so we all had plenty of room in the tub. I stretched my legs out in front of me where I found two jets. Placing each foot in front of the jets, I felt an immediate warmth and relaxation. Quickly, all of the aches and pains were washing away as we all chatted, laughed and drank.

Matt pulled out a few cigars from his towel and shared them with the guys. Rob went over to the other side of the tub, sitting next to Matt as they lit up and took their puffs. In a playful mood, I stuck my foot up in the air, waving ‘hi' with my toes to Rob now sitting across from me with Matt. He waved back with his feet, starting a little splashing war that didn't seem to amuse Rebecca.

"Stop it guys...I'm cold enough as it is," she barked. None of us ever really bonded to her...she was a bit pushy and bitchy to Stan, who was otherwise a perfect sweetheart. We all knew he deserved better.

We continued talking, and Stan made a quick dash back to house for a few more beers for the guys. I was perfectly relaxed, enjoying the surroundings and didn't want to move. It was then I felt the all-too familiar feeling of toes playing alongside my calf. Not wanting to arouse anyone's attention, I simply laid my back against the sidewall pillow and gave a little smirk of approval. Over the next few minutes I felt the foot continue to caress up my knee towards my thighs. There was no doubt I knew what my love had in mind. He had his to parade me outside in this sexy to try and arouse me in front of our friends.... and it was working. He wanted me and I wanted him.

He continued his little teasing for a while, and I was certainly not going to object. It was playful and innocent, nothing too much to be done with friends around. The bubbles from the jets made it impossible for anyone to see what he was doing. When my glass was empty, Rob was, as always, the perfect husband, and hopped out to get me a refill.

I turned to ask him to bring down another towel, when I was shocked I felt a touch along my thigh. Wait? That was Matt... was he doing it the entire time? What kind of signal must I have been putting out there? The touching stopped almost immediately, so I figured it must have been an accidental glance or perhaps he was joking with me - having seen Rob do it or something... or was it him the whole time?

"I'd love to stay out here all night boys and girls, but I am ready to pass out," said Matt as he climbed out of the tub and reached for his towel. I have to admit he looked pretty good... must've been taking better care of himself since college.

We remained in the tub a bit longer, hoping that we would get the hot tub to ourselves. But it didn't appear to be working in our favor. I sensed that Stan had the same plan and was staying out there to wait us out. After about another hour, I could see we weren't going to win this battle and motioned to Rob that it was time for us to get some sleep. I whispered in his ear that we could try again tomorrow night, but I could tell that he eagerly wanted to make love... I assured him that was still going to happen.

We grabbed our stuff and ran back to the cabin, trying not to scream from the cold. Steam rose from our bodies as we crossed the porch towards the house. He grabbed my bag and I jumped into the bathroom to dry off and get into some warmer clothes. I emerged from the bathroom in a long blue silk button shirt and matching panties. It wasn't anything too sexy but at least I felt comfortable wearing it around the cabin if there were other people watching.

I climbed up into the loft where Rob had already gotten comfortable in the double sleeping bag, wearing only a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. It was fairly dark up top, with only an occasional sound from the fireplace below or the music outside by the hot tub. Don and Heather were now both snoring and Matt rested quietly along the other wall closer to us. I snuggled up into the bag, embraced within my loves arms. Rob's hand wrapped around the small of my back under the shirt and ran up along my spine, sending tingles across my body.

"You were such a bad boy out there," I whispered to him, punishing him for his playfulness in the tub. I still wonder if I meant that or if I was checking to see if he was the source of my mysterious touching below water.

"What?" he hushed back to me.

I was even more confused. Was it he? Or Matt? I didn't know and figured I never would. But all that mattered now was the beautiful man holding me in his arms aching to be inside me.

This would not be our usual love making. We both love to move about and express our feelings vocally. I learned how to express myself when we make love and enjoyed sighing, shouting, moaning and laughing as we made him more excited and allowed me to totally relax. But tonight, we would have to be careful not to wake our ‘neighbors.'

No sooner were his hands sliding from my back to my breasts as I rolled on top of him, leaned towards him and whispered in his ear...

"Fuck me baby...I need you inside me now."

I shifted above him as I reached down to slip off my panties and expose my warm body aching for his touch. He started to unbutton my shirt, but I hinted that it should stay on in case anyone might see. I allowed a few top buttons open to give him better sight of my loving breasts, which he wanted to taste so badly. I leaned forward towards him as he reached to open my shirt further. He cupped my breast with him hand as his tongue extended from his parting lips to touch me. I almost laughed from the tingling sensation of his warm tongue licking me.

What started as a warm gentle suckling turned harder and stronger as my hand slid alongside his body. My long fingernails softly, yet firmly left their mark along his waste and down his side until I felt his hard body before me. I reached lower and caressed his balls playing with them, knowing how they would ignite his passion.

By now, he had both of my breasts in his hands and pushed them together trying to suck my nipples at once. I continued to grind against him, one hand teasing his cock and the other digging into his chest and neck. Being with the man I love and the effect of the drinks made me very passionate, but I was still nervous and looked about, not wanting to wake anyone. I wanted to scream out loud, but instead leaned against his ear, gently ran my tongue along the lobe and let out a little sigh.

I tilted my head and slowly parted my lips as our mouths met. He responded with a deep passionate kiss, as his tongue explored the deepest part of my mouth. I couldn't help but sigh again as he continued to kiss me and massage my breasts.

"SSSssshhhh," he whispered, jokingly. All these years, he loved me being vocal in our lovemaking. Now he's telling me to be quiet. I could tell he was going to enjoy this. He knew I had become accustomed to expressing myself, and he was going to make it very hard for me to contain.

His hands slid down across my waste towards my inner thighs as I continued to suck his ear and whisper how much I wanted him in me. His fingers glanced across my trimmed pussy, gently running a finger along the outside of my lips from bottom to top. He felt how wet I already was, bringing up that finger for me to suck, which I did with reckless abandon.

"Please don't make me wait," I said in my softest voice. "I need you inside me."

I shuttered with sensation as he forced two fingers inside me, but I knew I would have to take the lead to have it my way. It was getting hard to concentrate as he pumped me with his fingers, playing with one of my breasts with the other hand.

I reached down and pulled aside his shorts, letting his cock free. I scooted down a bit, holding his shaft with my hand guiding him towards my pussy. He didn't object, but instead closed his eyes and let me do the work. He was still dry but appeared to have no problem sliding right into me. At first, part of the way, but by the second time I shifted down on him, he slid perfectly inside me.

With that motion, he eyes popped open. He took my face in his large, strong hands and kissed me passionately. He lay there motionless at first as I shifted back and forth on his hard cock, riding him in heaven. We continued to kiss as I rode him for some time, but my knees were starting to tire from the work. As my body slowed its motion, my baby picked up the pace himself, pumping me as his hands held tightly against my waist.

I rolled over alongside Rob and continued to kiss him. Knowing how well our bodies fit together, I turned on my side away from Rob, letting him spoon up against me. His hands ran down my back, against my ass, as he tried to slide his cock back into my pussy from behind. Now I was in total heaven. His cock inside me from behind, rubbing against my ass... his one hand against my pussy touching me and rubbing along my lips and waist... another hand coupling my breast... and his mouth and touch against my neck and ears. He knew this was how to have me scream out in ecstasy, but I did everything in my power to remain silent.

My eyes were mostly closed, but I suddenly noticed the strangest thing across from me. I couldn't tell if Matt was asleep or not but I could see some movement in his sleeping bag. Was he jerking off? Was I the source of his entertainment?

It shocked me, but in an instant I knew I didn't care. Matt was always a sweet guy to me and I was enjoying my husband's body way too much to stop. In fact, if he were watching me, it was rather exciting. Rob showed me off in my little swimsuit earlier and now one of his friends is watching us make love... stroking his cock and thinking of me.

I kept rocking my body back and forth against Rob's pumping hard form looking toward Matt to see if I can catch him peeking. Rob's face was buried in my neck and back, so I didn't think he would be able to see anything from this position. The light was very dim, but I was hoping to see him. Unsure if it would scare me, I actually became more excited when I caught his eye open towards me. I continued to look his way with Rob against me from behind, smiling towards Rob hoping he would know that it's OK. A few moments later, he couldn't help but try and catch another peek again...allowing our eyes to meet for just an instant. My smile assured him that I would not freak and that in fact I was enjoying the attention.

Rather than peek, his eyes remained open. He could only see my face and the actions being covered by our large sleeping bag. I wasn't about to try and pull the bag down to show more, risking that Rob might notice. But just at that moment, Rob's fingers started playing with my clit, sending shivers across my face. I looked straight at Matt as my tongue instinctively emerged from my mouth enjoying the sensation of coming in utter silence. Matt continued to stroke his cock as he watched my face and my entire body shiver and stiffen as I came with Rob's cock inside me.

We paused as I turned around to kiss my husband. I felt wonderful. Now I wanted my loved one to feel that same wonderful sensation.

"Come in my mouth baby?" I asked him in a quiet schoolgirl voice.

He approved in silence peeling off his boxers and helping me unzip the sleeping bag so I could reach down to him. I laid out across the floor with my head in Rob's lap... my feet close to Matt's sleeping body. With his beautiful warm cock in front of me, I began to blow soft, warm air across its tip as I cupped his balls. Running my tongue along his shaft on bottom stiffened his entire body... I knew he wanted to fuck my mouth badly.

I took the tip of his cock slowly into my mouth and let it out, continuing to run my tongue along the entire shaft. Then again I took it back into my parting lips, but this time his cock began to disappear into my wanting mouth and tongue. Before long, my hand and mouth began to pump along his shaft as his body picked up the rhythm and he pumped in and out of my mouth. He loved to fuck my mouth and I enjoyed the sensation it gave him and the power and sensation it gives me.

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