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Sex Story

Last year turned into a very interesting one for my wife and me. It started out as a conversation about different persons and couples. I didn't really think it would happen as we had never done anything like that before.

My wife Renu 32, is seven years apart in age to me. She with dark brown eyes has wheatish skin, small mounds which have pointed nipples, and hips and legs to die for! She truly turns heads quite often when we are out in public. From my adolescence I had been charmed by lovely ladies and seeing such a wife I nearly fell on bed.

Soon I found she had talents and would like forbidden pleasures when I initiated at proper time. She had beautiful love flower and had always given me real pleasures of woman. During our sessions she would tease me naming a woman. Her provokes made me especially harder and speed up the pace. The other thing I noticed was that she would cum when I also began describing her with a particular handsome manly movie star.

We were swiftly opening with each other while playing these fantasies and after few months when I told her about my pre-marriage affair with one girl, she didn't jump from bed. Later one night when I made her to imagine going to hill station with her ideal star, she amid many Ifs' and Buts' confessed that just a year before her marriage an neighborhood man had come very close to her. That confirmed my belief she was not virgin at marriage, though didn't have a whole lot of experience.

So now I knew that the thought of other really excited her. Still, one way or another, she would let me know that while she enjoys listening to my fantasies, she would not think of making it a reality. Once she said that there are no really nice couples or guys out there.

Another time she mentioned that she actually could image letting some very trusted and respected friend see us only, of course in a right situation.

So I felt there could be one way to materialize any thing like this. Some right situation with a right people but nothing would come out of it.


That day! I came home hearing Renu to tell me a new young couple had come in our neighboring flat. At night during our play she teasingly told that the woman was very nice and had a lot of compliments about her hair, face, and eyes. I asked if she was nice looking? Renu told me she had a pretty face and huge breasts.

Two months passed as the two ladies got to know one another quite well. It wasn't long before we all met, started going out together. Their ages were- Sujot Sil 32 and his wife Ruma was 29. He was really a big guy compared to me. At 5'7" he probably was about 75 kg, quite muscular, not a chuckle material but physically fit and a nice guy.

One particular night at dinner in a restaurant the ice was broken while comments been brought up about a lady sitting with her husband in a nearby table Apparently this woman was in her early 30's and was quite flirty with the man. Renu told Ruma she should wear something low cut and show off her to draw the attention on roads. We all teased Renu that she must have been looking a lot to know so much. My wife turned red faced but quickly recovered. We all giggled!

Of course as more alcohol went in men Sujot began becoming more vocal and dick size of the man besides that lady came up. We all three looked at him with strange eyes but no one seemed to mind that. Soon Renu in double meaning bragged about mine as Ruma called Sujot even elephant on bed!

After dinner we invited them over to our house and sat on the back deck and continued to talk. The conversation came up about Ruma's big breasts. Sil suggested to her, "honey, why don't you just go ahead and show them those sweet things"?

Ruma was leaning back against Sujot. On repeated insistences by her husband and our eager eyes she roved her sari from blouse to show her huge mounds straining against the fabric. I gave my approval instantly but Sil said that if she wanted to oblige this is the way it is done! And before she could protest he had opened buttons of her blouse revealing her mounds coming out of bra.

We all nervously laughed. Sujot was excitedly looking at her. I looked meaningfully at my wife. She after many hesitations reached underneath and removed her sari from her mounds and then slowly opened buttons of blouse – one by one. Her solid small beautiful rounds evenly countering bra cups were before us. Sujot and I held our breath. Both ladies were truly the best looking things in those moments.

The women slowly buttoned the blouses and held sari properly over their mounds.

The talking continued and eventually I confessed to Sujot and Ruma that we had been having conversations about them since they had come here. Sujot had always been a bit more sexually aggressive. He pleaded to see Renu's breasts one more time. Renu with my insistence began obliging him again. Once bra was exposed, I went down at her back and unhooked that and slowly removed cups from the rounds leaving straps hanging over her shoulders. Then I slowly began pressing her mound by my palm.

Every face had turned heavy.

Sujot suggested I should take her nipples in my lips. His wife curiously got up and switched off the tube light leaving only the kitchen bulb to lightly illuminate the room – and then I began sucking and biting the nipples back and forth.

Renu gradually began sinking with extra ordinary shudders. Sil turned toward his wife and asked her to open his pants and pull him out. Ruma looked at me in dilemma but I waved a light kiss at her. She then slowly moved her hands towards his jip. As she slowly took that out, I could see Renu's eyes wide at the huge dick Ruma had in her fist. His juices were flowing over Ruma's fingers. At one point I could see that he was about quarter more of length as me, much more thick and muscular!

Sujot's mouth was open now and was panting. He slowly pressed head of his wife towards his pole. Ruma bent down and kissed the shaft and then with more pressures from her husband's hand she began taking that in her mouth.

I wasn't sure how far things would go. He was constantly looking at Renu who had almost closed her eyes amid trembles, I was giving her. While Ruma was sucking him he looked at me and said, "Can I talk with your wife for a minute...?" I didn't have at least negative expression in my eyes. He pulled up Ruma and held hand of my wife. That was followed by a quiet snicker by all three of us.

I became tense as Sil gently dragged Renu and took her behind the curtain that separated dinning room and Ruma came to me. But I was swiftly put to ease feeling Ruma's brand new mouth creeping on my cock. . I took the opportunity to feel her massive breasts for the first time and was amazed at how big they were.

Looking at the curtain I could hear their murmur and kissing sounds. This went on over five minutes till I became uneasy and called Renu.

Renu emerged with her open bra straps hanging over her shoulders and lips wet. Sujot called Ruma and she went behind that curtain. I whispered to my wife, " Are you ok? " She said, "hhhuu ..... ummmm!. Then guided her to lie on the carpet ; I got on top of her and began to fuck her hard. Again, Ruma and Sujot took our lead and began fucking in dinning section.

It was amazing as one after the other orgasm triggered. Sil's breathings were much harder than any one's. He than began to whine furiously. It was obvious he was cumming in Ruma's pussy. My wife's hips began mashing against me doggie style : Her moans told she was cumming. I began to shoot my load deep inside my wife. It was the most intense orgasm I'd in quite some time.

We all lay around for a few minutes and eventually got dressed and didn't talk much .


Renu and I realized we wanted to have fun, but not ruin great relationships. So the restrictions we came up with were no kissing and no intercourse with the other couple. But, that was all about to change!

Our next experience started out during Sunday picnic in zoo as everyone was dressed quite romantically and was in mood. Ruma's large breast were very much showing off in her black transparent sari over the blouse that was low cut , seemed wind just blew her nipples out. I could feel that my hands were searching their way to her blouse. My wife Renu wore green high top kurta with white salwar and white strap sandals were showing off her new pedicure. Sujot had eyes only at my wife. Every thing looked great!

After few rounds around bird's area we decided it was time to go back for what was an obvious reason. On the sidewalk I touched Ruma's hips. My wife Renu caught me off guard but just smiled. We decided for Sil's house this time.

At their house he set the mood by turning on the TV, but with the sound down, and stereo with soft music. The conversation turned quickly to the last experience as I really concentrated over Ruma till she got up to make out drinks –harder for men and softer for ladies.

My wife Renu nudged me and asked me to follow her announcing we would be right back. She took me into the bathroom and asked me what I had in mind? I told her what ever she was comfortable with ; was ok with me too. Renu said, "Ok let's just keep it at talking!" I told her that was fine with me, but again this was all about to change. I caught her in my arms and we had an exquisite kissing and embracing session.

Once we returned we held our breath at the sight. Sujot and Ruma had already lost all their clothes as they lay naked together side by side on carpet. I could view entire Ruma naked and Sujot's already fat cock almost erect over his stomach.

We couldn't hold any more and took their lead and got undressed only to lie near them. Ruma pulled Renu's hand in her's. This went on for some time and then she gave her hand in her husband's hand. We all lay like that and then Sujot got up and walked across the room towards the TV.

Sujot turned off the stereo and placed an adult CD in player and then re-joined us on floor. Sujot and I were treated to a lady on lady show as suddenly Ruma kissed my wife and each took turns kissing each other. We guys held our cocks in our fingers. Once done, Sujot pulled Renu and his wife Ruma crawled over to me with those huge jugs swaying back and forth. She took her mouth straight to my cock and as smoothly as she could do. Ruma gave great lips over the shaft but couldn't nearly push it down her throat as deep as my wife Renu could do.

I also noticed Ruma had a bit of a freaky side to her because the more I pushed on the back of her head, the louder she would moan. I looked over – Renu had her legs spread wide like flower and Sujot had buried his face between them. Sujot was talking to her between licks.

This turned my wife to quiver wildly. Ruma was wonderful to me. My wife and Sujot switched places and she began to give him lips there. He titled his head back and made deep whines. I could tell Renu really loved him because she was taking her time kissing his shaft and balls, then forcing the last inches down her throat.

My cock went harder. Ruma then lay back as I sucked on her large breasts, one from the other and stuck a finger up insider her at the same time. She really seemed to be getting into this combination. I kissed down her soft stomach and then chance came for the first time to see between her legs in TV illuminations aided by the distant little bulb in kitchen. Her glistening lips were redder and her clitoris enlarged. She had longer lips with small hair; I ate her out like it was the last one on earth.

I was caressing her stomach and thighs while licking all over between her legs. She could not move much in her position but I saw her hips and waist wriggling. When I reached further up and grabbed one of her mounds, she yelled and tried to stop me by pushing her hands over my head. I raised me over my elbow and pulling on her pubic skin with one hand made her clitoris more exposed, and started to gently press and move its little head side to side with the other hand.

Soon she began shivering over the carpet. Sujot heard this as he was using his finger tips to caress Renu's back. Ruma got up over her hips and staggered a bit from the hard orgasm she just had.

Half sitting over the carpet she stopped me by her hands and asked if anyone wanted water or any thing. Looking at each other we all walked into the kitchen following her to take a short break. She smilingly pulled two beers and gave one to each of men and then pulled Pepsi cans for ladies.

Sujot with beer can in his hand went to one of dinning chairs and pulled my wife over her lap. While sitting there Renu shyly adjusted his erect rod between her thighs. I pulled Ruma and put my lips over her mouth which was full with Pepsi. I sucked all liquid through her lips. While this was going I saw Sujot making Renu suck beer from can in his hand. Noticing me looking at her Renu shyly got up from his lap and came to me.

Sujot and Ruma returned to the couch and my wife again asked me if it was ok? I told her I was having fun, what about her? She didn't speak. I sat over the chair and pulled her over my lap and began kissing her neck as a first timer.

We returned to the room and saw that Sujot already had Ruma on carpet and had begun fucking her hard. I mean really hard! Sujot smacked her hips by dozen or so pumps into her.

My wife and I got down on the floor beside them and I fucked Renu on her back bringing her legs way back so I could get maximum penetration.

Then suddenly I felt Ruma's hand was slowly caressing my back and was frequently touching my balls as I fucked Renu. Sujot had been looking into Renu's eyes as he fucked his wife. Soon every one seemed to have dissolved limits and controls. I whispered to Renu "He seems always looking at you. If you have any thing in mind for him?"

She didn't speak and looked back at me. She had a look of lust on her face as I continued to whisper. She looked away for about three seconds and then made a heavy glance at me. Her lips had dried so I kissed them wetly till she removed her mouth and again looked deep in my eyes.

I whispered, " Darling ...... If you want to go to him .... Kiss me? "

Not looking any where she slowly kissed me.

We could still hear Sujot slapping away at Ruma's back. My heart was beating fast as I couldn't believe this was actually happening but from the volume of my cock I was good and ready for any thing imaginable or otherwise.

I pulled my shaft out of Renu and with little provocation of me she rolled over to Sujot and extended her hand over his legs near the wide base of his shaft. Sujot suddenly felt her and saw what had come to him. He remained baffled for a minute and as Renu poked her fingers further he pulled his huge mass out of Ruma and lovingly caught Renu by her waist. His cock furiously wet by sticking fluids struck over her things.

Ruma seemed baffled for a minute seeing lady drifting in her husband and then slowly rolled towards me. I pulled her softly in me and put my lips over her's. I was skeptically looking at my wife nesting in his arms. Ruma then whispered in my ear, " Don't look there like this ..... He won't run with her!" And then went down on me again to take that in lips.

Sujot gently held my wife by her hips and turned her around. Understanding his desire, she in hesitation turned around on all fours and got down on her elbows. He began rubbing his cock up and down her slit. She was twisting her lips in the cushion on floor even before he entered her. I quietly turned Ruma over and after some moments of a pure pleasure moved her to side and then our mouths were locked together. Ruma was indeed a great kisser!

I'm sure it lot had to do with all the passion going on. I had no problem entering Ruma as she was slippery and was recently taken much thicker cock of her husband. Ruma began to rock back and forth moaning inside my mouth and I grabbed on to her hips cheeks really going in her pussy.

I had lost track of Renu when I heard a familiar slapping noises to see her mouth wide open, eyes tight closed while taking from behind. She had not for years had made that many noises. Sujot's body slapped up against my wife's saccharine hips making them bounce all around. It was more erect in Ruma at my wife's act like this, I must admit.

He moistened one of his fingers and started to insert it in her back hole. That got me a little nervous – my wife, unfortunately, had never liked that. I had tried it few times but she strongly denied it. She pushed his finger and moved her hips away saying between her breaths: - "No, please...not this." This certainly pushed me over the edge and I brought Ruma's legs over my shoulders and fucked her as deep as I could and slowly moved a finger in upper zone of her back hole. Of course I wanted to give her something to think about later too, and apparently it worked because later Sujot told me he hadn't heard his wife that loud in a long time.

Ruma and I were first to get off which I shouted "aaaeeiiiii ......" And I knew I was shooting load in Ruma as she was silently shivering.

The adjoining slapping sounds were as hell. She was painfully yelling out in long consecutive sounds. Sujot was telling her he was going to cum. . . .

Sujot yelled, "aaaeeeehhhhhhhhhh"!!! and started in my wife's pussy, she was moaning "eeeiii .... sseeeiiiii ... eeeeuuuuu ... "!!! He was hunching her hips even higher in the air pulling on the side to get him deeper. She seemed to last so long and intense.


We all laid there for five or more minutes catching our breath without saying a word . Later we just watched TV. Sujot and I took turns tickling ladies backs, irrespective who belonged to whom. An hour after called it the day.

At home we both were avoiding eyes from each other and we remained like that till next evening when Sujot came and we two had drinks. During all that time he had eyes over my wife whenever she came to serve or passed nearby, although she was strictly avoiding her eyes from him!

Sujot later told me he had privately jacked off to my orgasm. I however hid from him that I had been only thinking about it.

Since then my wife and I have not talked about it but had many great sessions with each other.

We however not willing to play again – at least in near future!

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